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Hit Counter From The 90s

Hi, my name is Jason and I use fancy website analytics like a hit counter from the 90s. I haven’t cared about website stats since about the same time. Remember when you had a “Hit Counter,” and generally, it was so bad it just counted page loads? 🤣

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I use Tinylytics on this site for one reason, which is probably not typical. That reason is to hopefully help future viewers who come across things I have added to the the weblog. Wait what?

Ok, so back to the hit counter from the 90s. If I write something about, let’s say, creating a standalone Touch ID button for your Mac, because of the “hit counter,” I know that this old article has become “popular” for some reason. This allows me to review the content to ensure it’s still relevant, up to date, and has the best possible information for those people who have come across it. After a while, you end up with so many blog posts that it’s impossible to keep them all up to date. This method I use at least allows me to spend what little time and energy exists on the stuff people are actually searching for.

So there you have it — nothing profound, nothing remarkable. I don’t care about collecting data from people. I really just want to make sure that whatever I add to this thing called the “Interweb” is as helpful as humanly possible.

Get it? Humanly. Because I wrote it. Not an insufferable bot.