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MacBook Pro 365-Day Check-in

First there was the MacBook Pro 30-Day Check-in and now it is officially time for the MacBook Pro 365-Day Check-in! That’s right, this MacBook Pro has been running day and night as my everything computer. I use it for work, I use it for not work, I use it for anything and everything that requires the use of a “Computer”.

This computer has been an absolute joy. I have put it through hell in terms of computing, and it has always come out on top! Whether ripping and encoding 4K Blu-rays or creating gifs of every line of dialog from various films, this thing does all that while I still go about my day of work without skipping a beat.

So, we are a year in, and you ask:

Would you make any changes to your configuration knowing what you know now?

Well, let’s review the specs and see how we ended up.

Size (16")

The 16” size was the right choice for me. It works great as a closed-lid desktop machine, and then when I am mobile, the screen size is big enough to still accomplish what I need to.

Chip (M2 Max)

Given how many times I have had all twelve cores maxed out and still trying to do more, this was the right choice!

Unified Memory (96GB)

Do I need the 96GB? No, probably not. But, on the other hand, have I ever had a low ram issue in the last year? Nope, not even close. So, even though I likely didn’t need this much, because of the last point, I don’t regret this decision at all.


1TB definitely would have been a problem for me many times over the last year. 2TB has been a good buffer as I work on various projects. In general, I hover between 1TB and 1.5TB.

So there you have it! A great first year, and without a doubt, many more to come. 💻