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3x2 Photocast

Doing the Hemispheric Views podcast for the last four years has been an absolute blast. Having the privilege to work on that show/brand/universe with Andrew and Martin has been an ongoing highlight in my life! I never thought I would be “a podcaster,” and honestly, I still don’t really feel I would classify myself as such. Either way, I have a hell of a good time doing it, and so on with the show!

I have such a good time with it all that the question was posed, “What if I did a second podcast?” Would that change anything about whether or not I feel I am a podcaster? Well, we’re about to find out!

Drumroll, please… 🥁

Friends, I am pleased to introduce a new project I am working on with Martin.

The 3x2 Photocast! A monthly photography related podcast where Martin and I bring three photos we have come across online during the month to share and discuss with each other. This won’t be about gear, reviews, or process, but rather two friends chatting about photos that speak to them and why.

If photography is your thing, or even if you just like seeing other people’s creations, we would love it if you would stop by and give it a listen. The show will be monthly, and each episode will only be 20-30 minutes, so don’t worry about “Oh no, I already have too much to listen to.” 😃

You can find all the relevant info at and follow along with us at @3x2 on Mastodon.

Thanks in advance, and happy photo’ing! 📷

What's in a name?

I wanted to share a bit about the name, branding, etc, for anyone interested in that kind of thing. I wanted the naming and branding of the project to be photo-related but not too direct.

First, 3x2. This is the format of the show. It’s three photos each for two cohosts. And it happens to be my favorite photo aspect ratio, so that works nicely as well. 😃

Second, the colors. I wanted it to represent the RGB pixels of a digital camera sensor without being strictly 100% Red, Green, and Blue. Instead, I went down the path of finding exciting and inviting representations of them.

I am in no way a designer, but I have a lot of fun with this kind of thing and am very happy with how it all came out! 🎉 😃

100% Red #FF0000
100% Green #00FF00
100% Blue #0000FF
Fashion Fuchsia #f20d9f
Malachite #0df260
Vivid Cerulean #0d9ff2