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Soylent 2.0

I recently ordered a case of Soylent 2.0 because I was curious to see what it was like. The basic idea of Soylent sounded interesting as a meal replacement. I am not looking to move my entire diet to it and give up on food, or anything crazy like that. (Not yet anyway!) I would be using it to replace a meal when I am short on time or not super hungry. The general taste of Soylent is pretty neutral, which makes it a great base for mixing in other items to spice it up! After drinking about 15 of them so far, I have to say I like them. I actually like them to the point of ordering another case. I have no experience with any of the formulas prior to 2.0, so I can't speak to those earlier versions. I figured by 2.0, most of the kinks would be worked out.

As I said, you can mix in various things to makes it less boring, and you can take a look at a running list of things I have tried. Check them out, and adjust as desired.

Would love to hear what you are mixing in as well, shoot me a message with your mixtures!