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Migrating Domains

With the refresh of my weblog recently, I also wanted to take the chance to update the domain as well. I have long used for everything, which was mostly fine, but I found that having everything linked to it was perhaps not the best idea. I wanted to make things a little more personal, so I opted to go from last name to first name. I am still using for my email because it's awesome for that!

So the change was to be made, to where you are now,!

Before I go on, why Well, I thought it was a fun way to say, β€œhi, you found me”!

Domain Breakdown
grep as in searching text
jason as in, well, me
.sh as in a shell script

Paste them all together, and you are running a script to find me on the Internet! A stretch, certainly. Close enough for fun’s sake? Yeah!

Okay, back to the matter at hand. How do I get all my links spread across the internet that point to https://** to go here now?

After some research, it seemed like running a script on the old server to redirect was an option. The issue with this was that I didn’t want more overheard or a server I would inevitably forget about 12-18 months from now and be unable to figure out why something broke. Also, ideally, I want to put the old setup to bed for good. I then began looking for solutions at the domain level and came across the eventual solution that I went with.

I use Porkbun for all my domains (and I love them). Looking at my domain settings, there is a forwarding section. And within this, you can set up both 302 and 301 redirects. Not only that, you can wildcard it! Oh, and include subdomains since I wanted to cover anything related to the domain. Woohoo!

You can see the setup in the screenshot below:
Porkbun forwarding settings

The only caveat to this solution was ensuring static pages had the same URL structure and that my post path format was the same. Luckily in my case, I already had that set how I wanted it, so those all translated perfectly.

Examples: >> πŸ‘ >> πŸ‘

So now I think I should not have any dead links living out there on the internet. πŸŽ‰

But wait, where does your weblog live now? Glad you asked, it's over with the rest of my stuff at!
*Warning: The weblog stuff is still VERY early days so I would not say move there now, but it's already super rad, so I did. πŸ˜‰