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TextExpander Expansion with Stream Deck

If you have been wanting to run TextExpander snippets via your Stream Deck on your Mac but it hasn't quite worked using the built-in text plugin, I have good news, it is possible with a few easy tweaks!

First, a couple of prerequisites to get this all working

  1. A Stream Deck
  2. Stream Deck Software
  3. "OSA Script" Stream Deck plugin
  4. TextExpander app

Next, let's pick a TextExpander snippet we want to use. For this example, I will use xte which expands to TextExpander.

Screenshot of TextExpander App

Now, the setup.

In the Stream Deck software, go ahead and set up a new button using the OSA Script plugin. To set up the button, select AppleScript and then use the following AppleScript

Screenshot of Stream Deck App

tell application "System Events"
	keystroke "xte"
end tell

Be sure to temporarily disable TextExpander when adding the abbreviation to the AppleScript section to avoid expansion within your script.

One last thing to check on, make sure to add the Stream Deck app to the Accessibility allow list and then close and reopen the Stream Deck app.
Screenshot of Accessibility

You are now set to trigger TextExpander snippets via your Stream Deck buttons! 🎉