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Siri Shortcuts - Episode 12

Shortcut Name: Location for
Revision: 1.0
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What does it do?
This is a shortcut to allow for quickly sharing locations to


How does it work?

  1. Get's your current location.
  2. Asks for text input to search for locations near by (Example: Apple Store).
  3. Allows you to select from a list of locations found and grabs the map link.
  4. Let's you select a TagMoji to prepend the text.
  5. Formats a post as TagMoji [Location Name, City](Maps URL to location).
  6. Copies this markdown link to your clipboard.
  7. Gives you an option to open a app (Official App or Gluon).

I chose to copy it to clipboard and open an app rather than doing it all in the shortcut for a couple reasons. One, it keeps the shortcut more simple for others to be able to modify. Two, this allows you to add more text to your post and add photos if wanted.

Kind of a proof of concept of a feature I can see being integrated directly into at some point.

"Source Code"
Shortcut 012 Code Screenshot

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