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Creating macOS Finder Links To Craft Notes

If you use Craft and have ever wanted to put an icon in the macOS Finder to get back to a note quickly, this is how I do it.

  1. Find the note you want the shortcut to within Craft.
  2. Grab the deeplink to that note.
  3. Paste that link into safari URL bar. (Don't hit return)
  4. Grab the little globe icon in the URL bar and drag it to your desktop (This creates a .inetloc file)
  5. Rename that file to whatever you want.
  6. *Optionally you can modify the icon image if you would like.

Now you simply double click that file and it will open to your craft note directly! 🎉

If you keep your projects in Finder organized by folder like I do, this is a nice way to have a link back to your Craft notes related to that project all within the main Finder project folder. 👍

Video of the process