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Music Blast From The Past

A long long long time ago (like 20 years ago) I once thought I could make music. More specifically, electronic music. I had a lot of stuff going on back in this time of my life and I have to think I was using this as some kind of expression to get things out of my head. 🤷‍♂️

I no longer have the original files for these songs, or even remember what applications I used to make them. This was pre-Mac for me, so it would have been some collection of PC programs?

Anyway, a couple of them I find to be 'ok', but most of them are not good at all.. I imagine anyone listening to them now will not be into them in the slightest, and although I do not recall exactly what was going through my mind when I made them, I do still to this day feel some sense of connection to them.

I put them all below in this blog post mostly for myself as a way to preserve them. Take a listen if you have run out everything else to do on the internet. 🎧

01. The Anthem
02. GL1
03. Project Phaded
04. echo38
05. NNout
06. F-mot
07. Slip N' Slide
08. Doppler Effect
09. Doppler Effect - Power Down Remix
10. Falling Right Side Down
11. Fill The Void
12. Outspace Scratch

Download All (.zip)


  • The bitrate is not super high. They range from 96-192 kbps. 192 was "all you will ever need" back then. 😬
  • I cleaned up the MP3 metadata since it was all garbled.
  • They were never meant to be all together, so I chose an order when writing this that made sense to me.
  • I am not sure how I came up with 'PurpleZero'. I'm sure it made sense 20+ year ago.
  • I kind of know what the song names meant from the time. Except "GL1", no idea what that means.