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Making A Board Game - Part 6

Not strictly related to the game, but I have found that setting aside a very reasonable amount of time helps get more done in the long run. It’s so easy to tell yourself

"if you can’t give 100% of your time, it’s not worth working on".

Nothing could be further from the truth! My new approach is to set aside 1-5 hours per week that will be strictly used for working on the game. This has been a massive win for me in getting stuff done!

Now, for game news.

  • At a finished state barring any last min tweaks. 🤞
    • Card Artwork
    • Box Lid Artwork Still have not decided if the box bottom will have any printing. It’s a matter of cost vs. benefit. I am currently feeling that if the lid is super awesome, the box bottom doesn’t need elaborate artwork as well.. I have been flipping back and forth on this one. For a first run it's probably best to go with no printing on bottom.
  • Game boards are roughly 40% complete. The template has been completely redone to allow for creation of new board layouts more quickly. The plan is to have the game ship with a couple different board options, however in order to get this over the finish line AND try and keep the cost down, I think it's probably a better idea to start with one.
  • Lots of progress on the rule book. The Affinity Publisher layout is very close to final. There is a now a home printed version, cut out and held together with tape sitting on my desk! [I really prefer having physical versions of game components whenever possible (no matter the fidelity). It’s the only way I can 100% be sure that it is right.]

That's all for now. It's feeling very close to a 1.0 that is at a level that I am happy to get a complete set printed to see what a final "retail" version will look like.

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