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Making A Board Game - Part 5

Things are progressing, albeit slowly, but they are! We have done some more play testing with beta components, and I think the game is coming along nicely. I obviously am biased, but that's the only perspective I have on it. 😉

Given the global pandemic, the work being done on the game can only be digital, as I am unable to get any samples printed from the supplier. This, for the most part, is ok, since the samples I have so far are enough to do play-through testing and then update the digital assets as we go. The most important part is trying to catch any weirdness with the game mechanics anyway.

Keep pushing things forward!

Couple Things Knocked Out
✅ The Coffee Pot Games site is up!
✅ One of the fonts in the game's title was proving to be a big problem, but I am happy to say that problem is now resolved!
✅ All assets for the game are now in GitHub so we can have better version control of each piece.

Over the next few weeks I plan to work on the following items and get them to a "1.0" status. The main focus will be the following updates to digital assets:

  • Cards
  • Game Boards
  • Box Art
  • Rule Book

At the beginning of the year I was planning to have the game ready to sell by July 1. A lot has happened since then (personally, and in the world) so I don't have high confidence that will still be the case, but am going to work toward that goal anyway!

I am so incredibly anxious and excited to have the opportunity to put this game into the hands of others and hope they get even a fraction of the joy that I have had putting it together.

Until the next update.. 👋

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