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Challenge: Build Something In Your Garage!

We are all in our homes looking for things to do from time to time and this week was no different! A friend of mine and I were on a video call talking about past photo challenges we have done with each other over the last couple months and we were heading down the conversational path toward doing another photo project when I got a crazy idea.. What if we did something completely outside the realm of a photo challenge!? We both like and enjoy the art of knife blade creation so the first thing I thought of for a challenge was

“make a cool knife with only the raw materials and tools that exist in your garage right now!”

At the time I said this, I had no real idea what I personally even had to work with in terms of materials since I am not at my own house with my own tools currently, but who cares, it was going to be fun no matter how it went! I gave an arbitrary deadline of two weeks, which would have the challenge ending on June 1, 2020. Spoiler, we were both very impatient and finished far earlier than this 🤣

Let the games begin!

So, what was I able to make? Glad you are still reading and thought to ask! Thanks! Below are some progress photos of the project and then the final result photos.

I really enjoyed this project! It was so great to get away from the computer, put down my camera, and work with my hands for a while to create something from nothing. I highly suggest a challenge like this, pandemic or not, as it has been a great mental cleanser!

Total time tracked: 4 Hours 10 Minutes.

Raw Materials Used

  • Steel Angle Piece
  • Old Flooring Scraps
  • 2x Bolts & 2x Nuts

Tools Used

  • Hand Hacksaw
  • Sand Paper
  • Drill
  • Dremel
  • Small Bench Vice

Questions? Comments? Shoot them my way!