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2020 Results! On To 2021!

Looking back at the post from January 2020, you can see the extended explanation of each item that I wanted to accomplish in 2020.

I think we all know how 2020 ended up 🔥🗑🔥, but all that aside, I am quite happy to see where I ended up considering I never referenced this list once after I posted it. 😬🤣

Here Is How 2020 Went

  1. Release a board game.
    This project has been a long road but it is now a completed project! Be on the look out to a link to check it out even purchase it in January! 🎉

  2. Edit and publish a short story on my blog.
    This was from a NaNoWriMo a number of years back. I have decided to scrap this and call it cancelled. Kind of a bummer, but it feels good to finally just let it go. I would rather work on something else with the energy used to guilt myself about not completing this. 🏳️

  3. Complete the remaining classes needed to complete a degree.
    Another item that has been on and off throughout the years. Like item two on this list, it was either time to finish it or let it go forever. After some planning, I determined it could be done within 2020 so I went for it. It turned out to be almost a year to the day to complete the degree! Jan 13 - Dec 14. The degree is completed and I can officially remove the 'School' Area from my task manager! 🎓

  4. Change career path.
    I left my big fancy job in April of 2020. It has been immensely good for my mental health. I haven't started a new path yet because I wanted to finish the item above on this list first. 2021 will be a year of discovery for me in this area. 💼

  5. Move from Silicon Valley.
    We moved and we are loving it! 📦

  6. Start a new unrelated project.
    This was very open ended and I wasn't sure what form this would take, but it ended up revealing itself after we moved! Woodworking has always been something I was interested in, but physical space made this difficult. Now that we have the space I have started the process of teaching myself various woodworking techniques and really enjoy it! I have completed a few small projects this year already! 🪵

BONUS. Do a podcast.
This wasn't on the list, but why the hell not! It looks like I am now a "podcaster". Check it out! Hemispheric Views

I am very happy with how things turned out overall in terms of my list. With 2020 in the rear view mirror, I want to do a new list for 2021, but this is proving to be a bit more difficult.. Generally these lists build off of progress in the current year. As stated above, this year wasn't much in the way of personal progress. This is going to make 2021 a bit of a "building from the ground up" kind of year. Next year's list may be more about broad focused areas rather than specific defined goals. More to come in a future post.

Happy New Year everyone! 🥂