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2020. Mark As Complete.

Not 'resolutions'. Just some things I want to get done. ✅

Five things that will find closure for me in 2020.

  1. Release a board game.
    It's been in the works for a while but over the past few months it has gotten a lot closer to being realized. It's time to push it across the finish line.

  2. Edit and publish a short story on my blog.
    I had started a NaNoWriMo in 2017 (maybe 2016?) and got about 70% of it put down on paper. I would like to edit this into a short story and post it on my blog so I can close this project for good. If I choose not to finish it, delete it and move on.

  3. Move from Silicon Valley.
    We are moving onto our next chapter! We have been in 'The Valley' for a very long time and some fresh views and perspectives will be a welcome change in 2020.

  4. Change career path.
    I have been in product management / development for a while, predominantly in the area of Med Device related to arterial structures. My gut is telling me it's time to explore alternate paths and put my skill set to use in another area.

  5. Start a new unrelated project.
    Much like my board game endeavor, I want to get another project going that is out of my comfort zone and creative.

Bonus: Complete the remaining classes needed to complete my degree.

Wishing everyone a happy and productive 2020! Let's make it a year for positive change in all aspects of life, self, governance, and the world. 🎉