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The First To Fold

Disclaimer: Put any manufacturer's name on it, put any OS on it, nothing changes about my thinking here..

I am not understanding the appeal of the Galaxy Fold personally. Maybe it’s just me? The overall focus is that it has a screen that folds. Yes, it does. But it doesn't seem to provide any real world benefit. Seems more like a science experiment that worked out.

  • The front screen seems awkward and subpar.
  • The larger unfolded screen is a non standard aspect ratio that I don't imagine many apps will support natively for some time.
  • The durability seems like a major issue.
  • People complain about glass phones that sometimes break with dropped on concrete (yep, they do) but now you have a phone that may break by touching the screen with your fingernail too hard.

Early days for sure! Someone had to get this idea to market, so I am glad they did. It's going to be interesting to see if this continues, or if we change the tech trajectory in this area.

It does a lot of things 'ok', but nothing exceptionally well.

In terms of online reviews, people say there are "Apple apologists", this is a whole new level!