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iPad Pro Hyper Drive

Since I use my 2018 iPad Pro SO MUCH, I decided to pick up a Hyper Drive to expand capabilities for today, but more than likely for the future.

The hardware looks great and feels very high quality. It matches the iPad color and fits very securely. The unit I got came with a couple swappable securement brackets. One for use with no screen protector, one for use with a screen protector, and an extension cable version in case you don’t want the unit mounted directly against your iPad Pro.


  1. HDMI
  2. USB-C Pass Through Charging
  3. Micro SD Card Slot
  4. SD Card Slot
  5. USB-A
  6. 3.5mm Headphone

I never ended up getting a Hyper Drive for my MacBook Pro so I can’t compare it to that but this iPad Pro unit looks great and works well. If you find yourself needing a bunch of ports for your iPad Pro, this could be an option for you.

Update 2019-03-05
Interesting bonus! I tried plugging it into my MacBook Pro to see if it was even possible, and sure enough it fits, and it functions! One more win for USB-C.
iPad Hyper Drive in MacBook Pro

Hyper Drive - iPad Pro

iPad Pro - Hyper Drive