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HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Ergonomic Controller

Price: $50 USD

As much as I love the concept of the Nintendo Switch, playing in handheld mode is not what I would consider enjoyable. The Joy-Cons are ok for very short stints of play, but for me, they are crippling after a very short time using them. I play the Switch in 'TV Mode' 98% of the time using a Pro Controller.

The Split Pad Pro on the surface looked to be a merge between the comfort of the Pro Controller but attachable to the Switch like Joy-Cons, so it was worth a shot to give them a try.

I have been using them for about a week, and here is what my takeaways are. (Keep in mind, this is for me, so it may be different for your needs!)

  • They are not Bluetooth and will only function attached to the Switch.
  • The joysticks are pretty solid and feel good.
  • The A, B, X, Y buttons are suitable, not too mushy.
  • The +, -, Home, and Screenshot buttons are rubber for some reason. I would rather them all be hard plastic.
  • There are "Assign" and "Turbo" buttons on each controller. I don't have any use for them.
  • The controller is branded for Daemon X Machina, but I am not sure why?
  • Because of said branding, the "X" button is stylized, and that makes it kind of weird to look at.
  • The shoulder buttons are just ok.
  • There are additional "FL," and "FR" triggers underneath where your middle finger would rest. I don't have a need for them.
  • Overall the controllers feel very hollow and light.
  • Although they are labeled "Ergonomic," they still aren't anywhere near as comfortable as a Pro Controller.
  • When attached, the Switch is MASSIVE.

Bottom Line For Me: They are somewhat better than Joy-Cons but worse than a Pro Controller. I can see this fitting a very specific need though, so it may be worthwhile for you to give them a try.

Split Pad Pro Attached to Switch

Split PaD Pro Not Attached to Switch

Split Pad Pro Not Attached - Back Sides