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What Apple Watch Face Do You Use?

I was talking to Rosemary the other day about the Watch Siri watch face, and watch faces in general. It came out that we have a couple faces in our use rotation. I am always curious to see how other people use their watch and what face/complication combinations they use. So, in the spirit of sharing, I have listed below the setups I use and when. Do you use different faces for different activities or do you use the same face for everything?

Apple Watch: Series 3 - Gold.

Watch Face One

General & Exercise
Face Type: Activity Digital
Color: White
Complications: Weather, Date, Calendar
Apple Watch Face

Watch Face Two

Zen Mode
Face Type: X-Large
Color: matched to the current band color
Complications: Date
Apple Watch Face

Watch Face Three

Face Type: Mickey Mouse
Color: Classic
Complications: Sunrise/Sunset, Weather, Date
Apple Watch Face

Watch Face Four

Face Type: Siri
Color: N/A
Complications: Activity, Date
Apple Watch Face