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Using ALL The Note Apps

I have an odd situation concerning my notes. I have been using Apple Notes for all my notes, but I have to find something else for work notes because of some constraints.

Unfortunate Constraints

  1. Can’t use Mac App Store on all devices
  2. Can’t use iCloud Drive on all devices

Devices To Be Used

  1. MacBook Pro (No access to iCloud or Mac App Store)
  2. iPhone 8 (No access to iCloud)
  3. iPhone X (No restrictions)
  4. iPad Pro (No restrictions)

Things I Want To Capture

  • Text
  • Images
  • PDF Documents
  • Audio Notes (Rarely. This can be done in Voice Memos.)
  • Apple Pencil Sketches (This could be done elsewhere)

Note apps I have been trying to make work:

Apple Notes
This would be my first choice but uses iCloud on macOS to sync. ☹️

Uses iCloud to sync. ☹️

Standard Notes
Overall a pretty good app, but electron on the Mac is annoying ( and ugly). Overall it’s very fiddly with all the plugins you need to use.

Good app, but only supports plain text.

ZOHO Notebook
Great looking app. Very flexible in input types. This is currently in first place.

This is one of the worst apps I have ever used.

Outlook Notes (syncs to Apple Notes)
Formatting is terrible. Very limited.

Anything I am missing?? Thanks in advance!

Jan mentioned Evernote and it looks like they were absolutely correct! Given all the constraints, it's the one that works the best!