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Low Coolant

Check Engine Light

No one likes when "Check Engine" type lights show up on our dashboard. Fortunately as cars advance, so does the way in which they communicate. This error was spelled out in plain english. "LOW COOLANT"

I took the car in to the dealer to check it out and to reset the "Service Required" message.

The "Low Coolant" light was diagnosed as a leak from a crack in the radiator unit. 😱
The crack was caused by what I would classify as a design flaw.

Cost of Parts + Labor to replace radiator: $1298.32
Cost of component added that prevents original failure: $5.37 😲

This kind of engineering problem always intrigues me.
Test, Test, Test.

Our final bill was $0.00 as it was all covered under our warranty.

Range Rover Radiator