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In Case Of Emergency, Wear Sport Loop

When I decided to take on a running challenge this year, I also upgraded my ο£ΏWatch to the Series 3, so I could use it a tracking tool, but also a safety mechanism for when I was out running alone. Chances are good that nothing bad will happen when I am out on a run, but being prepared is a good thing. Having the cellular connection in my watch allows you to remain connected while on the go without the need for a bulky phone. If anything were ever to happen (providing I am conscious) I merely hold the side button, and Emergency SOS mode is activated. Pretty impressive feature if you ask me.

I generally run with a Sport Band since they are comfortable and immune to sweat and gross. It has occurred to me recently however that this might not be the best band to have on if an emergency were to happen. The Sport Band can be pulled off quite easily whether that be by a person, or due to an impact. This has led me to switch to wearing one of the newer Sport Loop bands. The Sport Loop band is far more secure and is not coming off without a great deal of force.

Of course, I hope I never need to find out how well this works, but I do feel better knowing that should I ever need to activate the SOS mode, I can be very sure it will be there within reach.