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I Got A New Backpack - GORUCK GR1

I have been buying backpacks for years as I searched for "the right one." Every bag is flawed in some way or missing some key feature. Versatility, comfort, and quality are the things I want most from a bag, and the GR1 delivers all three. I wish I had one of these bags during my enlistment!

I use this bag as my everyday bag, but also as a travel bag. It holds a ton and with optional accessories can be configured for just about any type of travel. It even has a super secure laptop area that I can use for a 15" MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro.

With the way it looks (strong military vibe) you may think that comfort is not a top priority, but the support is top notch with this bag. This is one of the few bags that does not put an awkward strain on my back. Everything is weighted and anchored correctly to my body.

Every part of this bag screams quality. The price of the bag is not inexpensive, but the build and attention to detail make it more than worth it. I have seen a lot of bags with "lifetime guarantees," but I actually believe this bag could outlive me!

If you are in the market for a new backpack, give them a look. These bags are really awesome!

I got the GR1