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Camping Trip To Mammoth

Drive To Mammoth
We set out for Mammoth Lakes on Thursday to go camping and check out the Bluesapalooza festival. The drive out there was initially going to take ~5.0 hours, but due to the fires, the main route was closed down, so we have to detour a bit, making it ~6.6 hours. On the way up we stopped for a break and some lunch in Jamestown. The smoke in the air was substantial as we got around the north side of Yosemite.
Mammoth Camping Mammoth Camping

Camping was a lot of fun! We stayed at Camp High Sierra for all four days. We don’t get out camping very often, but every time we do I thoroughly enjoy myself and find it to be a great way to unwind from the chaos of the city. We also went on some great hikes! Really the only downside was the sheer amount of smoke that was in the air continuously.
Mammoth Camping

The main reason we went up there was to hang out with family and attend the Bluesapalooza Beer Festival. Blues isn’t what I would think of first when it comes to music I listen to, but the music was great, and the festival was a fun time with everyone there. The festival also has a beer tasting component with around 40 different brewers represented.
Mammoth Camping

Drive To Home
The drive back home got a lot longer with the first detour we took on the way up now being closed as well due to fire. This meant an even more extended detour on the way back home. Fortunately, we left in the first half of the day, so we were able to make it back home by a reasonable hour.

Camping, Bluesapalooza, and hanging out with family was great! I am definitely also looking forward to our next camping trip, maybe we can squeeze one more in this year.

More Photos from the trip

Mammoth Camping