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Banning The Note 7

Regardless of your personal feelings about Samsung, this current "ban" is all show and needs to be taken more seriously.

First of all, it took far too long to get the ban in place. Secondly, it 100% relies on the user to be honest, and let's be real, a lot of people only care about themselves and think 'they know better'. Hell, some people quite literally don't even know what make and model of phone they have!

A major issue with this ban is that I would bet the majority of airline, TSA, and airport employees couldn't tell the difference between a Note 7 and an S5. So how can it even be enforced. The fact that there are announcements all the way up to being seated on the plane tells me that the ban is not effective.

TSA checks the shit out of our toothpaste container size but phones go right through with no further inspection.

It is a federal crime now to bring a Note 7 on a plane, which carries steep fines. The problem however is that it most likely wouldn't be found out until it was catching fire.