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Analog Game Nights

'Therapy' comes in all shapes and sizes, and is different for everyone and every situation. When you are obsessed with technology and the digital world, it can be easy to forget about the importance of analog human interaction sometimes.

Analog game night is a great way to gather with people around a table and solve problems with "the most powerful processor known to man, the human mind!” -Moss.

We have done game nights in the past at our house and they were a blast. We recently went to a game night at someone else's house, and it was really fun and very therapeutic for me. Working on strategy, problem solving, and team work through board games and puzzles is a fantastic way to change up my static digital life. Even though groups and crowded places are not what I would call my 'favorite’, pushing through the barriers and changing scenery is very good for me to reset mentally a bit.

If board games and puzzles are your thing, get out there and go to a game night! If they aren’t your thing, go anyway, maybe they are your thing and you just don’t know it yet!