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Sony RX 100 III

I love taking photos whenever I can, and that means a wide variety of scenes that could come up. If I am going out for a walk/hike/outing with the specific intent of taking photos, I will bring my beloved Sony A7 body (talked about a few episodes back) with a fixed lens and maybe a zoom to accompany. Although this camera is insanely small for being a full frame mirrorless, there are still times when it is just too big to carry around for the day, or perhaps a larger camera may draw unwanted attention. Generally my second camera is whatever iPhone I have at the time (currently the iPhone 6), and this is often my primary as I never go anywhere without. The iPhone camera really is amazing considering how small it is and integrated into my already being carried phone. There are times however, when a phone camera just doesn’t quite cut it. This is where the mid level camera comes in, these cameras generally fit into the “point and shoot” category”.

Improvements Of Note Through The Model Revisions RX100 I

  • Initial launch of the model.
  • 28-100MM Focal Range
  • f/1.8 - 4.9
  • Max Video Bit Rate: 28Mbps (AVCHD)

RX100 II

  • 90/40 degree Tilting Screen
  • Optional Electronic View Finder
  • WiFi / NFC


  • Upgraded Bionz X Processor
  • 180/45 degree Tilting Screen
  • Slightly Less Focal Range: 24-70mm
  • Much improved Aperture Range: f/1.8-2.8!
  • Max Video Bit Rate: 50MBps (XAVC S)
  • Built in Electronic View Finder
  • Built in Neutral Density Filter

Price: New, it retails for just shy of $800. You can find great used ones in the $600-$650 range, however. I bought mine used and got a great deal on it! Buying camera gear used is a really great way to save a ton of money and potentially even get an upgraded piece of equipment from what you were looking to spend.Check out used prices on Amazon

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