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I had a pretty cool opportunity over the last 2 weeks to take a BoostedBoard for a test run! I rented one for two weeks for $100. The most simplistic description I can come up with for the BoostedBoard would be to call it an electric skateboard, but I’m not sure that really does it justice. The board itself is a long board style deck so it cruises super smooth. It comes in 3 different model configurations, with each providing more power as you go up the range.

Single DriveDual DriveDual Drive Plus (The model I tested)

You control the board with a bluetooth connected, hand held controller. This controller allows you to set the speed, and lets you control not only forward motion but reverse as well. The reverse feature is really awesome because it effectively gives you super responsive braking, so you never have to take your feet off the board.

Considering all the batteries and motors that are needed, it still is a fairly light package should you need to carry it. It weighs in at about 15 pounds. The build quality on this board is top notch as well. All components look and feel premium for sure.

The speed and the range of this thing are nothing to scoff at. With the Dual+ model coming in at a top speed of 22 mph, you will not be left wanting more speed. The range of the board is 7 miles, which is plenty for this type of vehicle I feel. With the fast charger you can charge it all the way up in about an hour as well, so no real battery anxiety issues as long as you keeps chargers at your most frequented stops.

The pricing of the board models is $999 for the Single, $1,299 for the Dual, and $1,499 for the Dual+.

At the end of the two weeks, I had the opportunity to buy one after giving back my loaner. I didn’t even up buying one as of this post, but it wasn’t really any fault of the product. In fact, I really liked it! It really was just that it didn’t fit into my current travel lifestyle. I definitely will be keeping this thing in mind for the future when my travel routes change!

Check out their website for more info and for info regarding potential trials and rentals in your area.