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The Six Plus

A month or so back I decided to give the iPhone 6 Plus a second try. The first time I tried the 6 Plus, it wasn’t really a good trial period. During the time I had it before reaching the 14 day return limit, I was traveling back to back on business trips and a personal vacation so I really didn’t get to assess it as a normal everyday device.

While using my iPhone 6, in the back of my head I kept thinking quite a bit about how the 6 Plus may actually be a better fit for me. Paired with my iPhone 6 I also was using an iPad mini (with retina screen). Although everything synced between the two, I still had massive anxiety to keep everything up to date on both devices. This wasn’t really the fault of the devices or system, more of a personal problem really. I was pondering if I could get rid of both my iPhone 6 and my iPad mini and replace them with a single device, an iPhone 6 Plus. It seems a bit crazy, but from a usability standpoint it made a lot of sense because I could have everything on a single device.

Back to the Apple Store I went to purchase a fully unlocked 64GB Silver iPhone 6 Plus. Almost all my iPhones to date have been black (I had a white iPhone 3G). This was the first phone in a while that I decided to go with silver/white (it’s beautiful). So began the testing; I put both the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini in the drawer and commenced single device mode. The first couple weeks were somewhat awkward as the phone is so much larger than any previous phone I have ever had. One concern I had was with apps that were “iPad Only”. The good news is that this trend of iPad only has fallen off quite a bit and most apps have moved to being universal. The only major iPhone only app that I use is a company app, so I can utilize a work iPad for that. Honestly, with how big the iPhone 6 Plus screen is, I don’t see any reason for iPad only apps anymore. The phone really is a smaller iPad more than a bigger iPhone.

I do have to carry my phone differently now, as it really doesn’t fit in my front pockets as well. Throw it in the back pocket though, and it’s no big deal. A benefit of this is that it has freed up my other front pocket so now I can carry more stuff! One of the items is a Lightning to HDMI adapter so I can present and share content to external displays and projectors. So far, I have not sat on and broke my phone, so we are looking good.

There haven’t been any situations that have come up that made me long to have an iPad again so far. I am able to do all my daily work and personal tasks using just the iPhone 6 Plus. One of the benefits of an iPad was its battery life since it had such a massive battery. The 6 Plus is a huge phone which means more room for battery as well! I have never had a phone last as long as this one does. I go all day using it for everything that used to take two devices and I have no issues with battery life.

So, did I end up keeping the iPhone 6 Plus?YEP! I sold both my 64GB Space Grey iPhone 6 and my 32GB Space Grey iPad Mini.

I am a believer in the 6 Plus.