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FREEkey System

A key ring? Really? YES! We carry our keys all over the place, yet we still use the same free piece of crap keyring we found in a drawer in the kitchen. You may have upgraded, but chances are, you just got the same crappy ring, but it had a cool doodad on it. I accidentally came across a new key ring “system” that is awesome. It’s called FREEkey. It has 2 parts; one main ring, and several smaller rings that attach to it. The main ring is built in such a way that you never struggle to get keys on or off, you simply squeeze it and the smaller rings are free to be removed or added. How does this work? Check out the photo of it below and this video on their site and it will all make sense. The rings are made of a brushed stainless steel and are super light. Also, because you can put each key on a smaller ring, your keys can lay much flatter in your pocket or bag. You may have already stopped reading this, but if you haven’t, you really have to check this thing out, it’s great. Not really an item you would seek out, but once you have it you are going to love it! It’s also made right here in the United States.