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Writing an iOS app!

In June of 2010 I finished writing my first application for a mobile device! Actually, this was the first full fledged application for any device. It was an app for the fledgling OS called WebOS from Palm. I had never written an application before, but since WebOS was built with web technologies which I had some familiarity with, I thought it would be an attainable goal, and it was! Creating that app and getting it published to the app catalog was such a fulfilling experience for me to say the least.After going back and forth between various phones and platforms following the demise of WebOS, I ended up with an iPhone 4. This of course meant I would be using iOS. After about 6 months or so I was starting to get the itch to work on creating an app for my phone again. After doing some research about iOS development, I decided to start out my adventure using the Titanium IDE. This meant I could not only build apps for iOS, but also build an Android version of the app as well with the same codebase.

The best part of building this app was that it was built by both myself and my wife! We started a new company to develop software and attacked our first app! Our first app was completed in about 2 months in-between work and life. We had a lot of fun building and learned a ton as well. Now that our first app is in the iTunes App Store, we are working on a few updates and new features for it. After that, we are going to begin our second app!

I have been really happy with the workflow and feature set of Titanium so far; no major issues at all. We will definitely be using it for our next app as well!