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Photography Workflow

Just wanted to document my photography workflow in case any one was interested. Everyone should always backup, no matter how "important" they think their files are. You can be the judge of how detailed and fault tolerant your backup scheme is going to be, but please do something when it comes to the backup of your digital life.

I shoot all my photos in RAW (with the exception of shots taken with my iPhone).

  1. RAW Files are imported into Apple Photos for processing.
  2. Final selection of photos are exported as full res .jpg.
  3. Full res .jpg copies are uploaded to Flickr for my web albums.
  4. Full res .jpg copies are copied to a Drobo for local backup, and iCloud Photo Library automatically.
  5. Entire Photos Library stored on Drobo for local backup.
  6. Entire Drobo is copied to Backblaze for offsite backup.

Here is a workflow diagram of how things are moving around.
Updated 10/08/15

Photo Workflow 2012