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Lions and Tigers and a TunnelBear, oh my!

Do you use random open WiFi hotspots wherever you go? Please consider using a VPN!

Open WiFi hotspots will most likely not harm you physically, but can be very dangerous to your data and privacy! Using a VPN used to be a complicated process that could only be setup and managed by your IT staff at work. Well, as with everything else in the tech world, VPNs have trickled down into the consumer space. From setting up your own VPN server to paying for a service, there are many solutions at either end of the spectrum. I personally don't run my own VPN server, because I don't feel it's a good use of my time; instead I use a service. That service is called TunnelBear. It's a cross-platform service that is dead simple to use and quite effective!

TunnelBear works with Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android. This should cover the vast majority of you guys. As I said, this is a paid service, however that is not completely accurate. TunnelBear offers 3 service levels: Little, Giant, and Grizzly. Little will give you 500mb of tunnled data per month for free. Giant will give you unlimited tunneled data per month, plus unlimited tunneling on 2 mobile devices. Grizzly will give you the same offers as Giant, but is a reduced yearly paid price.

One interesting feature that may be of benefit to some of you is the ability to connect to VPN servers in the US as well as the UK.