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It's Time For a Proper HTPC! (Post 2of3: The Build)

After much planning and searching for the parts you saw in the last post, I have now now done a complete flip and changed the whole plan for the project!

The setup is now as follows:

  • Mac mini (2.3GHZ Core i5, 8GB Ram, Intel HD 3000 Graphics)
  • Drobo w/8TB of Storage Space
  • External Samsung Blu Ray Drive
  • Elgato EyeTV USB OTA Tuner
  • Walltenna OTA Antenna
  • Apple Remote
  • Plex Media Server / Client

Why did I change everything? Cost, size, reliability, and power consumption. I originally went with the PC build route thinking it would save some money, but that turned out to be false. The size of the Mac is microscopic compared to the giant Silverstone case. With the PC build, it would have to run Windows, and that was something I just didn’t want to deal with. Finally, being a HTPC, this machine needed to stay on 24x7 in order to be a true entertainment “ready anytime” kind of device. Even with a smaller 650W power supply, that was going to be a lot of power being consumed unnecessarily.

We are approaching the end of the first week of use and so far things are going remarkably well! Look for “Post 3of3: Details” in the coming weeks to see how we set it up, how it works day-to-day, and if it’s the right solution for you!