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It's Sonos Good!

Whole house audio = Sonos. End of story.

It's no secret that I love pretty much anything I can control with my phone, so when it comes to controlling audio throughout the entire house from my phone, sign me up!

Right out of the gate, I have to say, the Sonos system is not what you might call "inexpensive". However, it is a really damn good system! One of the best parts of this system helps with the area of cost however. The system is 100% modular! So, let's say you don't have the money right now to outfit your whole house like you would like to. No problem. Simply buy what you can right now and add to the system over time. The system lineup can be found here.

The setup of the system couldn't be easier. Plug everything in to power, and you are almost there. Although the speakers can use ethernet for network connectivity, I highly recommend using the Bridge for $50 so all your speakers can be wireless. This yields less wires and more flexibility of speaker placement. The control software is really good and has never caused any problems for us. It is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Definitely check out their website to see all the things you can do with Sonos; it's quite extensive!

Of course I can't end without mentioning the whole reason you are buying this system: the music! Sonos has by far the most extensive list of supported music services I have ever seen, including services I had never heard of but started using because I found them on their list. If you use any music services, they are probably compatible with Sonos. Even if you don't, it will play your entire music collection from your computer or mobile device, no problem!