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Enyo or Eny(N)o?

I have hit a fork in the road. A week or so back I decided to port a project of mine over to the Enyo framework. Enyo looks to be a perfect fit for this application and its intended use / audience. Today I had one of those moments of panic when you find yourself too focused on the present and not enough on the future. I had to ask myself that sobering question, what is the track record of this project? After the horrendous handling of WebOS by HP, that lead to its demise, can Enyo ever get off the ground with HP still attached? Or is this a truly new beginning for the excellent product that was once know as WebOS?

If I port to Enyo, I will be getting into the platform at the ground floor, much as I did with WebOS. This has many positives, but as we have seen, can lead to harsh negatives as well. In the case of WebOS shutting down, the very successful app I had in the Market was left to die as the dev tools were never updated to work with current versions of OS X. This left me with no choice but to open source the project and move on. Granted, being a web framework, it would be less of a pain to pack up and move out, but avoiding that scenario entirely would be ideal.

What to do, what to do..

What would you do? What mobile web frameworks do you use?