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Browser Testing

A couple months back I decided to see what it was like to use various browsers. This was mostly to see if I was missing anything. At the time I was using Google’s Chrome browser, so I was going to try the other 2 in the top three. Of course the top three are Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You may be thinking, “what about Opera!?”. Well that is a browser, but that’s like saying a Blackberry is a smartphone. I set out to try Safari and Firefox for a full 30 days with no other browser being looked at during that time. I tried Safari first, and then moved to Firefox. Here is the short version of the results.

Pros: Bookmark sync with my iPhone and iPad.
Cons: It handles tabs weirdly, just couldn’t get used to it.

Pros: Has pretty good syncing across multiple computers, and an iPhone app.
Cons: MEMORY LEAKS!!!! OMG! It was not uncommon for this thing to use over 1GB of memory! WTF!?

Winner: Chrome!

As I write this I am using Chrome again. I really don’t have any complaints about the browser, it really just feels like it is doing it right.

What do you think?(flame me for the BB comment below. After that, tell me how good your blackberry is at email!) :)