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RAZER Naga Gaming Mouse

Finding the right computer mouse is one of those seemingly never ending quests in a geeks life. I almost always go with wireless mice myself. Most recently I was using the Apple Magic Mouse at home, and still currently use the Logitech MX Revolution at work. The Apple mouse was great in theory, but fell short in actual day-to-day use. After questing for a new mouse for many months, I found myself at the local Fry’s looking at the wall of mice they have. I figured I would most likely end up with some form of a wireless Logitech mouse. This however turned out to not be the case at all. What I ended up with was neither Logitech nor wireless. I ended up with a wired gaming mouse made by Razer. Out of their rather large line of gaming mice, I chose the Naga. It looked to be very comfortable and had an interesting looking number pad on the side that could be used for gaming or other macros. From the second I plugged it into my laptop, I was sold! This mouse is supremely comfortable to use. The right and left buttons are perfectly molded. The cord is actually really great because it means never replacing batteries or dealing with any kind of wireless interference. Also the cord is wrapped in a cloth material that keeps it from getting hung up while tracking and also keeps it from getting tangled. The Naga is super precise when tracking with no issues as far as skipping, and tracks on just about anything.Being that it is designed to be a gaming mouse, you will not see a lot of the buttons you would see on other mice, such as web browsing controls, or application launchers. This is actually a bonus for me because I never use those anyway. There are however 2 things about the scroll wheel I miss from many of the Logitech mice. The ability to set the wheel to a free-spin style of scrolling and the tilt back and forward. Not the end of the world, but took a while to get used to them not being there.

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the mouse. Solid construction and has enough weight to it to not feel cheap and flimsy. I am not a “hardcore gamer” so I don’t need my mouse to have user adjustable weights or any of that.

If you need a new mouse and maybe do a little gaming on the side, this is definitely one to check out. If not this one, check out Razer’s entire line, they seem to have a model for everyone.