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iOS App: CarTunes

If you are the type of person that listens to your music on shuffle and likes to hit next a lot to find the perfect song for that moment while driving, then CarTunes is for you!The above describes me perfectly. I found this app a couple weeks back and have been in love with it! The app does one thing and does it VERY well. The point of the app is to be an interface to your music player that is car friendly. It is perfect for this!

The design of the app is very polished and beautiful. The controls are super car friendly with no small buttons to try and focus on hitting. The control is done through various swipe gestures. One flick to go to the next song, one flick to go to the previous song, and a simple tap on the screen to pause/play.

It looks like the way this app works is by becoming an extension of the “iPod/Music” app on your iPhone / iPod Touch. This most likely means that it will only work for music that is local to your device, at least for now.

Overall this app is exactly what I want in a car control system for my music. Check out some screenshots below to see the interface.

iTunes Link: