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Battery Life: It's about damn time!

Everyone’s universal complaint about smartphones? Battery life! It’s a sad but true fact that we have been conditioned to think that if a phone gets 8 hours of battery life, that is “good”. That is not good, it is crap. My worst battery life experience was the Samsung Charge, which I returned because of this. It was lucky to get 6 hours with minimal use. That is useless. You can read about that whole incident here if you so desire.

Anyway, I will keep this short as I really only have one thing to say. The phone I am currently using has battery life I am fully willing to call “good”. In fact, compared to every other phone I have ever had, it is phenomenal. With average to heavy use, I am routinely getting 15-20 hours. Not a full 24, but a hell of a lot closer than any other phone I have had. This phone catches a lot of crap (from me too) but when it comes to battery life, no one comes close. If you haven’t guessed yet, the phone I am speaking of is the Apple iPhone 4 (on Verizon).

Does this phone have problems? Of course; they all do. But this is strictly about the battery folks.

I, of course, have to mention the “it doesn’t have a user replaceable battery” lame ass excuse that everyone uses for every other phone. All I have to say to that is, if you have to carry around a pocket full of batteries in order to have a phone throughout the day, you are doing it wrong.