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Giveaway! Various Laptop Hard Drives

Hey everyone, it’s giveaway time! I would love to see these go to someone who actually needs them rather than a recycle center. Here are 6 laptop hard drives that I no longer need. If you need/want one of them, go ahead and claim it in the comments! Please read the comments before claiming one so we don’t get duplicates. Once you claim it, email me through the contact form with your address of where to ship the drive.

Contest Rules & Regulations

  1. One drive per person.
  2. USA only.
  3. Shipping costs are covered by you. $9 for flat rate shipping.

PATA (IDE) Hard Drives

  • Toshiba 40GB
  • Fujitsu 60GB

SATA Hard Drives

  • Fujitsu 250GB @5400rpm
  • Hitachi 100GB @7200rpm
  • Toshiba 60GB

Check out this link if you are unsure what the difference between the PATA and SATA connectors look like.