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Drop the Book, Grab a Nook!

Electronic Ink? Yes, the future is now! The idea of eReaders is not new, however the idea of eReaders you would actually want to use is. The eReader space is going to be a huge growth area this year. With new devices popping up on the market what seems like every week, the days of just having Amazon’s Kindle as a choice are gone. For the most part, all of the current eReaders on the market have the same seven inch electronic ink display. That being said, it’s the form factor and little extras that really steer popularity.

Barnes & Noble launched their eReader, nook, in November of last year. But due to supply shortage and high demand on pre-orders, it was tough to get one until February of this year. A major plus for the nook from a selling standpoint is physical retail space. Barns & Noble will have nooks in their retail stores right in front of customers who may want an eReader device but are not ready to commit to a somewhat high purchase price online, sight unseen. The ability to have tactile feedback from the device is a selling point that is tough to beat.

In today’s world of multitasking, a device that does one thing can be a tough sell. But when it comes to an area like reading, you want simple and elegant. Just the words wrapping around each other and intertwining to form the intricate design of story telling. Sure, your smartphone, or laptop lets you read books. But they only accomplish the task, they don’t excel. eReaders are meant to do one thing, and do it very well. Electronic ink is meant to mimic the look of ink on paper.

Everyone is busy with their modern lives. Life has a way of making you think there just simply isn’t enough time. Some have even famously said, “no one reads anymore.” Reading a large novel can be intimidating, let alone in order to actually read it when you have a spare moment you must have the book with you. The nook solves these common problems eloquently. Weighing in at just a little over 12 ounces, it can be taken almost anywhere. As for a large novel being intimidating, the nook ensures that every book, no matter the number of pages is a mere half inch thick.

With value added features like expandable memory, replaceable battery, color navigation screen on the bottom, the open Android Operating System, and support for the open ePub book format, the nook truly is leading the pack when it comes to electronic paper media consumption. Will this change? of course, it wouldn’t be technology if it didn’t. That said, the nook stands to stay in the lead for a while given the limitless possibilities with software updates to the versatile device.