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April 2010: Ten Must Have WebOS Apps

Evernote $
A great mobile app to access your account.

RTFM Beta $
Still in beta, but works great for accessing your Remember The Milk account on the go!

aniWeather $
Very cool little animated weather app for checking weather in locations of your choice.

Slacker Radio $
Mobile app for accessing Slack Radio from anywhere.

Tweet Me $1.50
A new Twitter client that just set the bar for WebOS Twitter clients!

Gowalla $
Check in everywhere you go on Gowalla!

MyQ for Netflix $3.00
Add, edit, and view movies on your Netflix Q from anywhere you are.

Google Latitude Assistant $1.49
A much needed addition to WebOS. This allows your phone to update your Google Latitude as intervals specified by you.

WootOn! $
A very good interface for looking at the various Woot! properties.

Preware $
A package management application for the Palm Pre. Preware allows the user to install any package from any of the open standard package repositories on (or any other location that hosts an open standard package repository). Preware relies on a custom written service developed from community research which allows the mojo app to talk to the built-in ipkg tool.