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Toothbrush Review? Yes! Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide

I know it is kind of weird for me to talk about a toothbrush here, but I love this thing! I have used a good number of different electric toothbrushes in the past, then went back to "manual" toothbrushes after being disappointed with them all. During my last cleaning at the dentist I was given the pitch for this little gem. I was a little skeptical, but with the external LCD screen (i'm a geek) and the deal on it from my dentist, I thought, what the hell.

You get the toothbrush body, a couple brush heads, the external LCD display, and a dock type charger / brush head holder for the counter. You can use this toothbrush for multiple people since you can remove the brush head. The External LCD display not only tells you how long to brush on each section of your mouth, but also tells you when you are brushing too hard and when it is time to replace your brush head. Sounds gimmicky, but it is a really nice addition. Not to mention, it's a nice clock for the bathroom.

My mouth has never felt as clean as it does after using this toothbrush! Once you use it, you won't go back to a normal toothbrush. A little pricey, but totally worth it I think. I mean after all, I wrote a friggin review about it on my blog. :)

That's it, short and sweet.