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My Must Have Android Apps of 2009

(Keep in mind I have only been using Android since Nov 6)

Handcent SMS - A frontend for SMS/MMS. Adds a great deal of functionality to Android for messaging.

Home++ - A full home replacement that looks great and is coming along very nicely.

Movies - Find movies, theaters, and even manage your Netflix Queue.

Wifi Analyzer - A graphical WiFi analyzer.

Foursquare - Official app for the Foursquare service.

NewsRob - RSS reader with Google Reader sync.

Yelp - Official app for the Yelp service.

Seesmic - Relatively new to Android, but a fantastic Twitter client. I use Tweetdeck day to day on my laptop, but seesmic is very similar.

Advanced Task Killer - A must have app to manage running applications and even schedule app killing.

Barcode Scanner - All around barcode scanner for prodcucts or QR codes.

Evernote - Official Evernote app. Have your notes everywhere. Always synced.

DroidLive - Shoutcast internet radio player. Beautiful UI.

Remember The Milk - Official app for the best to-do list service there is, Remember The Milk.

Qik - Live stream DVD quality video from your phone.

LOLcats - Gotta get your daily fix of cheesburgerz!

Google Maps w/ Navigation - Hands down, THE BEST turn by turn navigation software I have ever used.

Weather Widget - Absolutely beautiful widget for the weather, with cool animations. - Official Amazon shopping app.

Autorotate Widget - A quick one tap widget that will enable/disable the accelerometer for screen rotation.

AppsInstaller - Installer to install .apk files.

ASTRO File Manager - The best file manager I have found to date for browsing files in the Android filesystem.

Feel free to add more apps in the comments below or let me know what apps I should have picked. I will most likely have late additions since the year isn't actually over yet. :)