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iPhone Safari: It's like having 74.6% of the web in your pocket!

Much like when you get burned by your friend with the Moto RAZR when they send you an MMS and then laugh at you because your “state of the art smart phone” can’t get a simple MMS which is a technology from the early 2000 era, the browser can burn you just the same. “Oh hey, go check out that webpage on your phone man.” Sure thing, after all, I do have the internet in my pocket, right? Well, you do, if the internet you want doesn’t have and kind of Flash. As you see in this screenshot, I am not looking at this page on the go or any other with any kind of Flash content.

So who do you blame? The website developer for not having an HTML version? Apple for not having Flash on the iPhone? Jesus for not making everything work? (I guess that is a bit redundant since Jesus is the CEO of Apple) (hopefully that got you riled up, feel free to flame me with “fanboy” messages now) :)

What’s the point here? None, really. Just stating the obvious, yet again. How many years before we actually get the /ENTIRE/ internet in our pockets? It did take 2 full years to get MMS on the iPhone…(at least that is what we have been told, I’ll believe it when I have it)