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I got invited! (to Google Voice)

Today was the day I was finally invited to Google Voice! This might have had something to do with my constant badgering on Twitter (@googlevoice), or I was just lucky. So far it is a fantastic service I must say, even though I have only been using it for half a day. That said, I can already tell this is going to be HUGE, definitely the way to manage all your phone communications in the future. When signing up, one of the first steps is picking a phone number. They let you pick a number according to area code of course, but they also let you type in letters and words and then attempt to find you a number that corresponds to those letters or word. This is an awesome way to personalize your number since it will be your single number to give out. I was fortunate to get XXX-XXX-BURK! Really excited about that for sure. After the initial setup I started looking at features. Some of the features that stick out right away are the ability to route calls according to groups and the SPAM feature which lets you mark incoming calls as spam which I believe in affect will block that person (bot) from calling you anymore. One thing I had to do since I do not use the entire Google workflow is sync my contacts with Google so I can setup the groups and routing, but no big deal, Appleโ€™s Address Book has a check box to sync with Google. So, for now that is my mini review. I am sure I will have MUCH more to say as I use the service going forward, but already I can tell this is going to be my command center for all phone traffic going forward.