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Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: Blacksite Area 51

Don't worry, this wont take much time ;)So I got this game pretty much because there was nothing else I wanted to play and it seemed kinda cool. Well as a whole, the game was just ok. It gave some enjoyment of running around and killing, but it was very limited in the variation of weapons and enemies. It seems like they just recycled the same enemies throughout different environments. And as for the guns, I think I used the same gun the whole way through unless the game specified I must use something else. The graphics on this game were quite poor for Xbox 360. There were times when you would see your comrades feet being about a foot below the ground as they walked around. This game is by no means groundbreaking, but if you haven't turned on your 360 in a while, pick it up to at least kill some time while you wait for other games. Because of the lack of originality and the poor graphics.