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What to do with my old iPhone

So my iPhone (version 1) has been hacked for a while now running firmware version 1.1.4, and now of course the new iPhone is coming out July 11. The question is, do I get it? Well the simple answer is… OF COURSE!! I will most definitely be buying the new iPhone 3G. Most likely I will get the White 16GB version. I don’t need a lot of space for music, but I want to make sure I have PLENTY of room for applications. I will be standing in line with the rest of the fanboys on the launch date, much like I did for the release of the first iPhone.Once I have the new iPhone, what will I do with my old one?? This is a question that is probably being asked by just about everyone with a current generation iPhone. Do you sell it? Most likely no, because of the drastic price drop on the new 3G phone, it makes the current generation phone, almost worthless (especially since its used). The second option is to give it to a friend or family member, but what’s the point if the new one is so cheap, they can just get the newer cooler version. So there you have it, you are stuck with a $400 (or $600 if you bought early like me) phone that you have no use for.

Well after pondering this issue, I think I am going to just keep mine, for several reasons.

  • Use as an iPod Touch. (most likely won’t do this, but it’s an option)
  • Use to test new apps before screwing up my 3G phone.
  • Use as a backup in case (god forbid) something happens to my 3G.
  • Use for playing games, so that I don’t kill my 3G battery.
  • Somehow incorporate it into a super cool robot!

I will miss the insane amount of customization options you have with a hacked Gen 1 iPhone. This will be resolved with 3rd party apps, and if not that, then hacked 2.0 firmware. Just a mater of time.