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Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U

The need for internet on the go.Since city-wide WiFi seems to piss off the state gov’s and we will never get it, what options are there? Well you pretty much are left with getting raped by your cell phone carrier for a 3G data card for your laptop. I have AT&T so I started with the Sierra Wireless 875U card which was HSDPA, and then the day after I got it, they came out with the 881U which is HSUPA. I now have the 881U, because it has better throughput. I got the USB one so I could use it with any of my laptops. Aside from the outrageous price AT&T charges for data, the device is really handy. As long as you are in range of 3G, if you are not, I wouldn’t waste your time, unless you like dial up type speeds. Oh one other issue I have with it is, since I mainly use it on my MacBook so it blocks both USB ports. This can be resolved with a USB extension cable, but that’s kind of a pain. To make up for that though, the card does fit into the USB port on my MacBook Air!

881U Throughput
Average Download speed of 600 kbps - 1.4 Mbps on BroadbandConnect

Average Upload speed of 500 - 800 Kbps on BroadbandConnect Network