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Quick Movie Review: Get Smart

After watching this movie, I really think there are two ways to review the Movie.

  1. From the point of view of someone who has watched or did watch the original TV show.
  2. From the point of view of someone who has no idea what the plot or premise of the movie is and going in blind.

I used to watch the TV show, so the majority of my review will pertain to POV #1.

To be completely honest I started to not like this movie when I first started watching it because I found myself comparing every little detail to the TV show. This is not the way to go about watching this movie. I don’t know why I did, it of course is not going to be exactly the same, it’s an adaptation. Anyway, once I got past that, I really started enjoying it. They did a pretty good job of keeping with the story line of the TV show, and showing how Agent 86 came to be. They also put a lot of stuff from the TV show that I think people who watched the show appreciated, like Agent 13, fang, and at one point had a large collection of original props from the TV show on display in the lobby of the building that housed Control. All in all, a good watch. :)

I will say though, I hope Hollywood lets it end there. I would really hate for them to do what they ALWAYS do, and try to milk every last penny out of a name, ruining the name. So listen to me Hollywood when I say do screw this up like you always do. I know you won’t listen because you have no idea what the people want, you just know that you will take every single penny you can get your filthy hands on no matter how TERRIBLE the movies are you produce.